Megan Smith - graphic designer at Garlic Friday Design

Hey! I'm Megan Smith. I'm a self taught graphic designer from Queensland, Australia. I seriously love making pretty digital designs and have a passion for putting the polish on small businesses.

I totally get the struggles of small businesses wanting to put their best foot forward, but usually needing the income to come through the door first before they can get to that stage. If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place! I'm here to help you strut your stuff without the outlay of thousands of dollars.

Because I'm doing this gig while raising a tiny terror, I live on copious amounts of caffeinated drinks (coffee machine gets a good work out).


Ummmm...Garlic Friday? What's that about?

Okay, one of the most frequently asked questions is definitely, "How did you get your name?"

Let's just say, there once was a neighbour, who had a cat. This cat's name was left up to a young girl (no, not me) to choose. This resulted in a cat named Garlic Friday. Frankly, this is the best cat name I have ever heard in my life. 

When trying to think of fabulous, quirky names for my new business I remembered this story and I couldn't think of a single better name. Plus I like garlic and LOVE Friday's. So there's that too. 

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