A brand is like a machine in that it has a lot of little parts that make the whole. If you forget some parts or use the wrong parts, your brand machine may not work as effectively. So I've put together all the parts we've designed for your new brand identity in one easy to find place.

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This is Nati Planning's beautiful new Brand Style Guide. A simple reminder of the parts that make up your brand identity. You can print this out or use this in any way you like.

Brand Style Guide
Brand Style Guide  |  PNG
Brand Style Guide  |  PDF


I can't give you these fonts unfortunately, but if you want to know where to find them and purchase or use them for yourself, here's where you can get them!

Ballerina Script by Emily Spadoni - get it here
Latype Sans by Vuuuds - get it here 
Barstilla Handpainted Typeface by Republik Kreatif - get it here


CMYK: 0% 35% 25% 0%
RGB: 249, 181, 171

China Pink
HEX: #F37E98
CMYK: 0% 64% 19% 0%
RGB: 243, 126, 142

HEX: #E43731
CMYK: 4% 93% 90% 0%
RGB: 228, 55, 49

Ballet Slipper
CMYK: 0% 38% 3% 0%
RGB: 247, 178, 203

HEX: #343233
CMYK: 69% 64% 61% 58%
RGB: 52, 50, 51

Although this Page will be held indefinitely as a resource for you, we recommend you download and make copies of all your files within 30 days as we cannot guarantee the information will be retained forever and we'd hate for you to lose anything!!