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Font Friday - Tres Chic Handwritten Font: Naive

Bonjour! Do you like sipping on cappuccinos, while eating macrons with your pet french bulldog, as you idly flip through the latest issue of Vogue? Does your heart lie in the French countryside, and you dream of sculling the local red wine in your provincial farm house that lies between your bountiful lavender fields? Oh good! Cause this font is for you! Introducing the font family: Naive.

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Font Friday - Gorgeous Hand Painted Font: Barstilla

I admit I'm a self confessed #crazyfontlady. It's how I roll. Pleasingly, I've noticed that most of my client base have more than a passing interest in the acquisition of new and beautiful fonts. To share the love, I'm starting Font Friday!! Two of my favourite F words all rolled into one neat little package!! So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to a recent favourite of mine: edgy but feminine font with uneven edges and tight kerning - be still my beating heart!!

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