Monday Moodboard #12 - Shades of White

Winter is drawing to a close here in Australia and I really felt the need to play with shades of white. White is such an incredible colour. It's often associated with purity, fresh starts, a clean slate. However this colour has real depth. It can be clinical and stark like the white of a doctor's uniform; it can be crisp and fresh like new fallen snow; it can be rich and inviting like the cream on top of fresh milk or the golden ivory of silk sheets, or it can be warm like the coziness of a ball of wool or the scorching heat of sand on a hot day.

A lot of people crave a lot of white in their decor or wardrobe. It's uncomplicated and can soothe the senses in it's simplicity. I actually get quite unnerved by too much white in my own decor. As you know, I'm a huge colour lover and the lack of colour can be a little alarming to me! As a small child I actually had a recurring nightmare about the colour white! I kept dreaming of nothing but white and ripples upon the surface, like a big white pond of milk. I have no idea what it all meant, but it was quite menacing to my 6 year old brain!!

Featured Artist:
I want to thank Etsy artist Rhonda Ferling of Luxdelin for allowing me to feature her beautiful Macrame Knotted Rope Hanging. Rhonda is committed to producing outstanding hand knitted products that are ethically sourced and produced. 

Image Source:
Fall table centerpiece: Tone on Tone Antiques // Wildflowers: Lee_seonghak via // Macrame Wall Hanging: Luxdelin via Etsy // Lounge Room: // Sand dunes: hedgerowandstone via