Monday Moodboard #08 - Lemon Squeeze

When you think about it, some of the best things in life are yellow: sunshine, lemon shortbread cookies, rubber duckies, daffodils... It's hard not to feel happy looking at something yellow! It gives off an irresistible vibe of cheerfulness and energy and can be as electrifying as a neon yellow nail polish or as gentle as a soft lemon pastel throw in a baby's nursery. If you're wanting to add a bit of energy and positivity to your brand, try adding a dash of yellow, just like I did for the brand for Beauty and the Band.

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Lemons on wood table: via // Fruit Umbrella: // Frilled Petticoat: via // Wildflowers: // Pastel Bathtub: // Watercolour "Yellow" quote: Source unknown via // Pineapple cookies: // Wall decor: via