The 8 biggest Facebook page blunders

The 8 biggest Facebook page blunders

I've been a proud member of Facebook since 2007, after my friend convinced me Facebook was soooo much cooler than MySpace (pfffft as if - oh wait....okay she was ahead of her time!) Needless to say, I got on board the Facebook train and soon had a business page, not long after they first launched them. Since then, I've watched pages evolve into the near inscrutable beasts they are today and over that time I've noticed some common mistakes many business page owners are making, again and again!

In light of my years of observation, I wanted to share with you the 8 biggest Facebook page blunders.

1. You're not using custom images

Facebook makes it so easy to share great content with a whole bunch of people (about 1.59 billion actually!!). You probably follow a few pages who regularly post thought provoking or hilarious post with cool images attached, am I right? If they relate to your own industry, or just because they're awesome, you probably share a few of these on your own page. And that's cool, because the whole Facebook concept revolves around sharing (or oversharing in some people's cases). But if you never create your own content, all you're doing is reinforcing someone else's brand! Take the time to research your own quotes, or brainstorm some witty one liners that will capture the attention of your followers. Then pop those babies on some awesome graphics and start sharing your own badass self! It's worth the effort, trust me!

2. Your profile picture looks all squiffy

Squiffy….it's the technical(ish) term for askew or awry. And what I mean is, you have that one picture of your logo and you've uploaded it to Facebook's little square constraints and it's either so small I need to zoom in 300% to see it or you've decided to crop the sides off to make it fit. Yeah…bad move!! Probably the first introduction anyone has to your business page and THAT'S how you want to do it? Put your best foot forward and make sure your profile picture is crisp, clear and fits!

3. You're not even trying to engage your Facebook followers

For the longest time, the biggest goal as a Facebook page owner was to get people to 'like' their page. These days, we know having someone like your page is only half the battle. You want your followers to be really interactive with your brand, following you, liking (or loving) your posts, sharing your content with their friends and then commenting every time you have something to say.

But too often I see businesses posting (usually about themselves) and never even bothering to get to know or understand their audience. Try engaging your community by asking questions that they will want to answer (hint: usually something about themselves), give them content that will really interest them and pay attention to the little hints they drop and get even better at understanding what they want.

4. You've left your About section blank

I get it! Finding the time to write your about page can be an absolute drag, but what it isn't, is a waste of time! Consumers these days are seeking a relationship with brands (and the people behind the brands). Taking the time to fill out your About section and giving some insight into who you are, what you do and why you do what you do will only help deepen your relationship with your audience.

Oh, and if you're looking for some great advice on how to write that about section, I highly recommend you check Ashley's post over at (Operation: Rock That Effing About Page). She certainly got me all pumped about re-writing mine!

5. You've got no plan!

What are you posting tomorrow? And why are you posting it? What do you want your audience to do with that post? Do you even have a plan??? Facebook is like any other marketing tool and if you don't have a strategy, you're wasting time, energy and very possibly money! Don't go into this willy nilly! Have a plan and make sure Facebook is a part of your broader marketing strategy so everything works together nicely.

6. You don't spend ANY time on your page

I think a common mistake many business owners make, is assuming that because their Facebook page exists, they have "that Facebook thing sorted". Social media is a constantly changing medium that adapts to the next thing in the blink of an eye. If you're treating your Facebook page like a Yellow Pages listing, you're really not doing it right. Interaction is key and that takes time. The good news is, handy tools like Post Planner and Hootsuite can drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your Facebook page.

7. You haven't set up a vanity URL

A vanity URL is a customised web address that includes the name of your business. It's useful for marketing and branding and makes it easier for search engines to find you. Facebook lets you set a custom URL (for example mine is If you haven't got yours set up, go to and set it up now!! (Bonus points for having matching vanity URLs across ALL your social media platforms.)

8. You don't let people tag your Page

If you want people talking about your business, the least you could do is make it easy for them! One of the simplest ways to do this is to enable other people to tag your business Page in photos and posts. That way the next time someone asks their friends if they know of a great hairdresser/lawnmower/web designer/pet sitter (whatever it is you do), someone can tag your Page in a post saying "Oh my god yes! These guys were great! Totally look them up!" (or some equally pithy reply…) Then all the other person has to do is click a link and they're in front of you! 

Want to know how to set this up for your Facebook page? Here's a step by step how to guide.

If you're guilty of a few of these Facebook sins, don’t worry - the good news is they can ALL be turned around! Take a little time and start making your Facebook Page work for you!


Did you find this post helpful? Any huge Facebook no-no's you think I've missed? Share them below so we can all learn!