6 reasons you should invest in your brand this year

Reasons you should invest in your brand this year | Garlic Friday Graphic Design

Over the past decade I’ve found myself starting different business for side projects in my life. I admit I get a real kick out of running my own business and one of the key things I’ve learned, is that having a clear and consistent brand is crucial to success.

If you’re ready to make a make a positive change in your business this year, I’ve put together 6 reasons why you should invest in your own small business brand. Whether your devoting time or dollars, a clearly designed and documented brand will help you achieve your goals and get results.


If you haven’t thought about your brand in an age, or you’re just starting out, here’s a scary thought for you: Your brand will evolve with or without you. Essentially, your brand defines your business to your customers. But even if you’ve put no thought into a properly designed brand, what your customers are perceiving about your business, is your brand. So don’t leave it to chance! Design your brand and create the perception you want your audience to see.


One of the biggest secrets to getting someone to pull out their credit card, isn’t about how awesome your product is. It’s all about how your customer feels. Big brands are switched on when it comes to targeting their customer’s emotions and you should be to! 
When you focus on your brand message, you will help build a bond and create an emotional connection with your target audience. Get in touch with what they love and you can create raving and loyal fans, who can’t wait to spread your brand message with their friends, because you’ve touched on something that matters to them. Basically, you can turn your loyal fans into your biggest marketing weapon.


Have you ever been faced with a decision between two business? Do you go with Business A or Business B? If you’re customers are faced with this choice, what will make them choose you over the other business? It all comes down to brand. You want a well-conceived identity that appeals to your customer. This means, a professional look, an approachable manner, an easy way to do business with you and a message that makes them want to know more. If your images are fuzzy, your website’s hard to navigate, you forgot to put any contact details up and you haven’t given your customer one single reason to look at you, you can be sure the other guys are getting that business!


Have you ever had a really great idea for building your business and then 6 weeks later you’ve forgotten all about it and had another idea, only to replace that idea with yet another the following month? Here’s an idea - stop reinventing the wheel! Investing in a well thought out and clearly documented brand strategy can save you time. It will keep you on track so you don’t get side-tracked and will help stop you from sending out messages to your audience that could potentially muddy the waters and their impression of your business. I definitely practice what I preach here. Having a clear brand and easy to use templates for Garlic Friday keeps my customer interactions consistent and saves me a bunch of time.


If your business is bigger than you, having clear brand guidelines will help your staff know how to maintain your brand strategy when you’re not there to do it yourself. 


One of the most important reasons to invest in your brand, actually has nothing to do with the customer. Spending time and/or money on your business brand is a positively reinforcing experience. Building your brand strategy and maintaining it is the equivalent of brushing your hair in the morning and going for a run. You feel pumped, like you’ve got your bases covered and that you’re going to kick ass! That kind ‘no one can stop me now’ attitude and energy is going to be awesome for your business and for you personally!

By taking the time to work on how your customers perceive you, your business can bloom in 2016 and I encourage you to brainstorm ways to build a better brand for yourself.

I’d love to hear more about your branding and marketing goals for the year. What three things do you want to achieve to help your brand kick ass!