Animated FAQs

You've got questions? We've got answers! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our animated GIFs.

Q1. These are fun but, what would I use an animated GIF for?

There's no definitive answer to this question. Your imagination is your only limit! Some of the things people have been using these animations for are: personal Facebook profile picture, picture for About You page of website, advertising for brand new product or service or sale, intro for marketing video, email signature, attention grabber for Facebook or Instagram posts etc.

Q2. How much do these cost?

The Animated Watercolour Portraits start at AU$65 and from there the price will depend on what actions and options you choose. We will create a proposal for you based on your chosen actions.

Side note: The prices above are in Australian Dollars (AUD) because I'm based in Australia, but I work with clients from all over the world. Use a currency converter like this one to find the cost in your own currency!

Q3. What will I receive when I order?

  1. A looping GIF file to use on your website or email
  2. A link to an online version of your animation so you can easily share on social media
  3. An MP4 video of your animation for video intros, Instagram sharing and Facebook personal profile pictures
  4. A 1500 x 1500 pixel PNG still of your watercolour character in 72 DPI
  5. Instructions on how to use your new cartoon alter ego
  6. The envy and admiration of all your peers and the attention of your customers!

Q4. What is your process?

  • After you place your order, you will automatically go on my waiting list!
  • I will send you a form to collect info about the look of your animated character and to get a photo from you.
  • I will send you a character concept for your approval. You get 2 round of revisions (extra revisions may incur additional charges)
  • I then create your animation and send you a concept for your review. You get 2 round of revisions (extra revisions may incur additional charges)
  • I send you your files! BOOM!! Magic!

Q5. What are your time frames?

Turnaround time can be anywhere between 2-8 weeks. The turnaround time for your animation will depend on your place on the waiting list. Average turnaround time frame is about 4 weeks, but can be longer. Be sure to chat to me first if you have an urgent order!

Q6. I'm in a rush - do you take express orders?

Express orders can be arranged at an additional AU$25 fee - however depend on my availability. Please check my availability by emailing me here.

Q7. Can you do male portrait animations?

Sorry, at this time, I'm unable to offer portraits for men.

Q8. Can you do animations with two people?

Yes I can. Animations with two people moving need to be a lot simpler. I need to manage the actions between both people to keep the animation looking both balanced and interesting. Please email for a custom proposal by visiting my contact page here.

Q9. Can you have my animation turn to the side?

Sorry, these animations are face on only.

Q10. Can you show a full body portrait?

Sorry, I'm only offering head shots at this time!

Q11. I have an idea for an action that's not listed. Can you do it?

I love to help out with custom requests. I can't promise I can do it, but I'll definitely try! Please email to tell me your idea and for a custom proposal by visiting my contact page here.

Q12. I don't have a current photo. Do you really need one?

I don't have to have the most recent and up to date photo of you, but I definitely need an image to work off. It can be a quick snap you take first thing in the morning with your iPhone, before you've even had your morning coffee! I don't care if you wouldn't let your friend tag you on Facebook with it. It will help me get an idea about face shape, eye shape, lip shape etc - little stuff like that which is almost impossible to describe to someone - you have to see it! So please don't be shy and send me that pic!

Q13. Can I get more than one animation done? Do you offer a discount?

Yes indeedy! If you've had an animated portrait done by me in the last 12 months, I'll be happy to offer a discount on an additional animation for you, providing there are minimal changes to your character (ie an outfit change or new lip colour). Please email for a custom proposal by visiting my contact page here.

Q14. Can you do a custom portrait for me?

My animations are created by using artwork from some very talented artists. Alas, my own artwork is not as awesome as theirs, and I don't think you'd actually want an original portrait from yours truly (can someone say stick figures?) To avoid the sad dog look you'd have in your eyes if I ever did deliver a piece of my own artwork, I can't offer a custom portrait. We have contacts with some pretty amazing artists though and have worked with them in the past to create animations from their artwork. Let us know if you want us to put you in touch!

Q15. Can I use my animation on Instagram?

Definitely! I send you a MP4 file which is a video, that you can download to your phone and upload to Instagram.